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Amazon Hiring in Bangalore for Security Intelligence

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Company : Amazon Bangalore

Experience : Entry Level

Work Location : IN-Karnataka-Bangalore

Job Profile : Software Development Engineer - Security Intelligence

Job ID : 342165

Posted Date : 12-08-2015
Job Description:
The SecInt team, part of Information Security at Amazon, is hiring Software Engineers dedicated to enabling our organization perform its most critical functions at Amazon’s scale. Our challenges are broad and deep -- we need to build flexible, secure, scalable, highly-performant and robust platform. The platform provides a set of services that enable our customers (security engineers and analysts) to detect and respond to malicious activity on our infrastructure. The platform will process massive quantities of data (in the order of petabytes) to produce actionable intelligence by enabling advanced threat matching, graph modeling and machine learning techniques. 
You have strong verbal and written communication skills, are self-driven and deliver high quality results in a fast-paced environment. Tough, never before solved problems don’t daunt you, they spur you. You have strong computer science credentials, are passionate about Internet technology, are customer-obsessed and have a track record of building quality services. You excel when working on complex and diverse systems. You can succinctly and accurately report your findings. Most importantly, you have a passion for learning and continuous improvement.
Basic Qualifications:
* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
* Proficiency in at least one modern programming language such as Python, Java, or Scala.
* Experienced in big data technologies and/or distributed computing systems
* Self-directed, ability to multi-task, sharp analytical abilities, excellent communication skills, capable of working effectively in a dynamic environment
* Proven design skills and able to find creative scalable solutions to difficult problems
* Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, internet security fundamentals and designing for performance, scalability and availability
Preferred Qualifications:
* Experience with stream, batch and/or graph processing platform (e.g. Spark)
* Experience with security technologies or products.
* Experience working in an agile environment.
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About  Amazon:
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