HTML Marquee Tutorial : Attributes tags and Examples

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The Marquee tag creates a scrolling effect and can be tailored to include any HTML content. There are some places where it can work well, such as in RSS scrollers, squeezing some products into a page for page monetization.
The marquee tag has often been overused by beginning coders who like to show off their HTML prowess by overusing every kind of fancy tag they can conjure up and in the early days of the web, the marquee tag was overused.
The basic use of <MARQUEE> is simple.
Attribute List:
Attribute Name Values Description 
behavior slide, scroll,alternate Defines the type of Scrolling
bgcolor #******,colorname,rgb(*,*,*) Specifies the Background Color
direction up,down,left,right Specifies the direction of the content
height *px, % Specifies the height of the marquee
hspace % Specifies the horizontal space around the Marquee
loop number  Specifies how many times to loop. Default value : Infinite
scrolldelay seconds Specifies how long to delay between interations
width *px, % Specifies the width of the Marquee
scrollamount number Specifies how far to jump
vspace % Specifies the vertical space around the Marquee


Syntax 1:  To slide the text once 

 <marquee behavior="slide" direction="left">Your text goes here</marquee>
 Example: <marquee behavior="slide" direction="left">Welcome to</marquee>
  Welcome to

Syntax 2:  Continuous scrolling of the text

 <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">Your text goes here</marquee>
 Example: <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">Welcome to</marquee>

Welcome to

Syntax 3: Continuous back and forth

 <marquee behavior="alternate" >Your text goes here</marquee>
 Example: <marquee behavior="alternate">Welcome to</marquee>

Welcome to

Syntax 4: Manage Scroll Speed

 <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="10">Text goes here</marquee>
 Example: <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="10">Welcome to</marquee>

Welcome to

An effect created by combination of above attributes

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