Do Not Fall for Career Myths

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You must have probably heard some bits of career advice tossed around over and over from  friends & relatives. Here are few popular career myths. 

* A college degree will get you a job.
        Generations of students have been told that if they get a college degree, they'll easily find a job afterward. Unfortunately, it's no longer so clear-cut. Degrees no longer open doors the way they used to, and too many new graduates are remaining unemployed or under-employed for months or even years, as employers opt for more experienced candidates. This is frustrating and confusing for graduates, who often feel that they did everything they were supposed to and they're not getting the pay-off they were promised would come.

* Do what you're passionate about and the money will follow.
          In reality, not all passions match up with the realities of the job market. In fact, the people who get to do what they love for a job are the lucky ones; they're not the majority. A better goal is to find work that you can do reasonably happily; it doesn't need to be your passion.

* If you can't find a job, just start your own business.
          Starting your own business is hard, and it's not for everyone.You have to have something that people want to buy from you more than they want to buy it from your competitors. You also have to be able to market yourself, deal with financial uncertainty, have some savings as a launch pad, and overcome plenty of other challenges.

* A career counselor can tell me what occupation to pick
          A career counselor, or any other career development professional, can't tell you what career is best for you. He or she can provide you with guidance in choosing a career and can help facilitate your decision.

* I should choose a career from a "Best Careers" list
          Every year, especially during the beginning of a new decade, there are numerous articles and books that list what "the experts" predict will be "hot jobs." It can't hurt to look at those lists to see if any of the careers on it appeal to you, but you shouldn't use the list to dictate your choice. While the predictions are often based on valid data, sometimes things change. Way too often what is hot this year won't be hot a few years from now.

* If I change careers my skills will go to waste
          Your skills are yours to keep. You can take them from one job to another. You may not use them in the exact same way, but they won't go to waste.

          There are many career myths masquerading as fact. These myths come from many places and different people including people we trust who are trying to be helpful but who may not know the facts. STAY ALERT

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I had considered The Best Careers list one while taking my decision as well.. It din't help much though..



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