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Discovery of Gravitational Waves. What does this mean??

CI Admin  ,  14 Feb 2016 comments Comments

People around the world cheered on Feb 11th morning when scientists announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves. — ripples in the fabric of space-time whose existence was first proposed by Albert Einstein, in 1916.

List of Must-Know Key-Board Shortcuts

CI Admin  ,  13 Feb 2016 comments Comments

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity and improves the efficiency. Here is the list of exclusive Shortcuts. Try and have fun !!

Challenging star patterns made simple and easy - C program

CI Admin  ,  12 Apr 2015 comments Comments

To write an algorithm efficiently, you need to become a computer yourself & think like a computer.There is a lot of fun in solving the problems, writing a better algorithm, and mainly running the program to obtain required output. Here are few most popular and challenging C program questions to print different patterns using asterisk(*). Comment or mail us in case of any difficulty.

HTML Marquee Tutorial : Attributes tags and Examples

CI Admin  ,  12 Apr 2015 comments Comments

The Marquee tag creates a scrolling effect and can be tailored to include any HTML content. There are some places where it can work well, such as in RSS scrollers, squeezing some products into a page for page monetization.

List of must-know Software Testing types

CIAdmin  ,  21 Sep 2013 comments Comments

Software testing is a process of verifying and validating that a software application or program. Here is a list of few testing types which you should know.

Gear up for the future of wheels, the emergence of Automotive Industry

CI Admin  ,  20 Mar 2013 comments Comments

Automotive industry is one of the big markets around the globe. Among the fastest growing in terms of revenue and production.Automotive industry is one of the key industries which are a strong indicator of economic growth and a major contributor to the gross domestic product of a country.On a global level, the assets of the top ten major automotive enterprises represent 28% of the assets of the world’s top most 50 companies, 29% of their employment and 30% of their total sales.